The work developed during the MA in Chelsea College of Art and Design was both the realization of projects kept in a drawer and a full discovery of the purpose of his interests.
With the research and continuous practice he made a full body of work based on one of his everyday life situations: a nightclub dance.
Meanwhile, João also worked with some other situations of my life.
The purpose of thinking and working around everyday life situations is to understand, reevaluate or reinterpret how those situations are seen and interiorized.
About the Dance, the aim was, at first, to understand the movements as space modelling. Therefore, João wanted to think about the dance as a space being occupied and interpret what was that space.
At the same time, he wanted to know what people think about when they see someone dancing. What is people’s relationship with dance? When someone sees a mute dance what sounds and rhythms do they think about? What emerges in people’s minds?
In the end, an interactive installation came to life making people think about their relationship with night clubbing spaces.

Dance 01:
Single channel video.

Dance 02:
Digital print.

Dance 03:
Charcoal and graphite on paper.

Dance II Dance VI Dance VI Dance VI Dance VI Dance VI Dance VI Dance VI Dance VII Dance VII Dance VII Dance IX Dance IX Dance X Dance X Dance X Dance X Dance XI @ Digital Shoreditch 2013 Dance XI @ Digital Shoreditch 2013
DANCE 00 - warmup Recording Sessions for DANCE 08 and DANCE 11 DANCE 08 - Soundtrack DANCE 04 - Outline Drawing Analog/Digital