Cycle Sound is a work in progress composed of a series of stages. It is based on the interconnection of two aspects of João’s everyday life – cycling and listening to music. The way that one affects the other while taking place simultaneously is where this work starts shaping itself.
There are three main stages defining Cycle Sound:
a) a series of live performances consisting of listening to a selected playlist while riding a bicycle around a public area on an electronically modified bicycle and a live concert result of that ride;
b) a series of shows presenting the documentation of the performance that preceded it (photography, video and sound) and the centre piece of the performance – the modified bicycle;
c) an artist book combining the photography, video and sound of the whole project.
Cycle Sound attempts to register reactions to music while cycling turning them into an audible and visible experience.
CycleSound - handlebar sketch CycleSound - bike sketch CycleSound - tour kit sketch CycleSound - drum pad assembly sketch CycleSound - Arduino case sketch CycleSound - bike CycleSound - brake sensor CycleSound - crank sensor CycleSound - Arduino install
Cycle Sound videos will be uploaded soon.
Thanks for your interest.