João Vidigal was born in October 28th 1980 in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
Since 4 he was years old, he hanged around his father, also a sculptor, in his studio, starting to contact sculpture materials and the way to work with them, playing around.
From 1986 to 1996 he participated as a volunteer in SIMPETRA (a stone sculpture symposium in Caldas da Rainha) as well as in stone sculpture workshops promoted by a partnership between Camara Municipal das Caldas da Rainha and Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (FBAUL).
In 1987 João had his first contact with computers - a Compact Macintosh. Before this he used to love going to his friends' places and play with their 48k and 128k Spectrums.
From 1989 to 1991 he attended piano lessons. This was his introduction to music as an intervenient.
João attended to a MS-DOS course in 1990, absorbing all the information with extreme joy. However, he only got his first computer in 1996. Meanwhile, he used to work and play in his brother in law's computers, who had a software company.
He had his first group show in 1994, showing two stone carved sculptures results of SIMPETRA and the other workshops. His second group show occurred in the same year, after which he was invited to show in Paris.
Finished his high school arts studies in his hometown in 1998 and enrolled in the Fine Art - Sculpture BA+MA course in FBAUL.
João joined a choir in 1999 and sang as a tenor for 5 years all a cross the country and in Paris. Some of the repertoire he sang along this time were Johannes Passion (J.S.Bach), Requiem (W.A.Mozart) and Messias (G.F.Handel).
In 2000 João started exploring music production becoming DJ in 2002. From then on we played in several venues in Portugal, Spain, France and UK.
Along his college studies, he attended one year in Universidad Complutense de Madrid under the Erasmus European inter-university mobility program (2003/04). During this year he started working in video and also started VJing.
Additionally, he attended a series of foundry techniques and stone carving workshops. During these college years he showed his work is several exhibitions across the country, in Azores and Madrid. He was awarded four times in these shows. In 2007 he accomplished his BA + MA degree.
Right after, he started working as the Executive Director of Lugar Comum - Art Experimenting Centre, directing, programming and producing exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts and art residences.
In 2008 he became a producer and creative of the theatre company Bica Teatro and ANIMOFORMA, mostly working in Design and Webdesign.
In the same year, in partnership, he founded inFILTRO a company in which he was the Creative Director.
2009 was a year of change for him he moved do London to do a MA Fine Art in Chelsea College of Art and Design which he completed in September 2010. This year was also a great opportunity to show in London, counting so far with five shows.
Currently, João lives and works in London. During the MA in London he matured his approach on art and his practice having evolved to a broader point of view on Sculpture and started working with digital media with a great incidence on sound, music and rhythm.